Vecta Design
Vecta Design

Vecta Design

Manufacturers from Pärlimõisa tee 20, Pärnu, Pärnu County, Estonia
Vecta Design is the professional manufacturer of stretch ceilings situated in Estonia.

In Vecta Design we believe in excellent quality, inspiring design and an amazing finishing. What kind of an interior design You have, will have a great impact on the atmosphere and the look of a room aswell as on the emotions the room will evoke.

Our company offers stretch ceilings made from a high quality PVC film and additional components (such as unique profile and lighting solutions) for successful installation of stretch ceilings. All our products are European origin.

Customers, used to continuing progress and improvement, expect always more. That`s why the innovation is a top priority for our company, to develop new and fascinating ceiling, lighting and profile solutions.

Our catalogue consists of a wide variety of colors and textures. We offer lacquered, matte, satin, acoustic, translucent and mirror effect finishes and print opportunity aswell. We offer fast production, 10 years warranty, professional management, technical support and reasonable prices to all our products (stretch ceilings, PVC and aluminum profiles, art-ceilings and other accessories).

Due to its excellent quality and stable production Vecta Design holds a long-term partnership with stretch ceilings installers around the world and has become one of the most popular manufacturer of stretch ceilings in Europe. Vecta Design offers its representatives, dealers and installers continuous installation trainings and sets high standards for installation of its products.

We are excited and grateful for every complex and ambitious project that allows us to learn the boundaries of endless possibilities the technology allows us to accomplish.