Pieter Graaff


Architects from Delft, Netherlands
Fusionary architecture with a healthy share of vitamin B.

Whoever obtains something with a lot of vitamin B, in German speaking countries, does not find his friends at the greengrocery, but on influential positions. B stands for Beziehung, which means relation or connection. If one designs with a healthy share of vitamin B, one realizes that there are lots of correlations between different building parts and disciplines.

vit-b architecture pleads for an integrated way of design. It is inspired by craftsmanship and wants to reach beyond conceptual drawings, knowing that the realization is as important as the design itself. Specializing in restoration and transformation projects, vit-b beliefs in establishing correlation between the old and the new. Creating something new by listening to the identity of the old. Hereby making a fusion, a new unity, without faking anything old. To embroider on the existing with new yarn.

Designing with a healthy share of vitamin B also results in designs that not only focus on the materials or the design itself. vit-b seeks for an approach that includes focus for the social, economical, historical or sustainable elements in every commission. A healthy solution for a healthy (built) environment.

vit-b finds surplus value in collaborations with architects, designers and other disciplines and therefore is always willing to participate and collaborate.