VS-A | Façade Engineering
VS-A | Façade Engineering

VS-A | Façade Engineering

Engineers from 41, place Rihour, Lille, France
VS-A group gathers 3 companies specialized in the design of building envelope, also called façade engineering, which is a relatively recent specialization. We started in Paris in 1989 and since then, it has become more and more necessary to achieve expressive and cost-effective facades, with high quality and certified performances. We are professionals who operate independently from our suppliers or contractors.
Today, the envelope fulfils increasing expectations in terms of comfort and energy consumption, and is designed in accordance with an increasing number of local and international regulations. Therefore, our scope of work covers not only glazed curtain-walls, but also extends to single windows, rain-screens, internal or external solar shadings, double-skin facades, building maintenance units… basically all items that establish architecturally and technically the complex relation between interior and exterior.

We are based in France (Lille) and China (Hong Kong). We have over 30 employees with sound understanding of the local conditions of designing, tendering and building. We work as designers, interacting with Architects, Developers and Contractors on all kinds of programs: office buildings, luxury retail, high-rise, residential, hotels, cultural, recreational, car-parks, transport hubs, factories… On any of these projects, we can be appointed by Architects or Developers from competition stage up till the final completion of the work.

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