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The VYRTYCH a.s. had gone through a decade development and at present it ranks with the principal Czech lighting producers. In the field of industrial lighting with a high protection level against dust and water penetration and light fixtures for premises with danger of exposion, it belongs to the greatest producers in the Czech Republic. In 1998, the separate testing laboratory with an area of 900 square meters was completed. It accommodates the latest laboratories for complex testing of lightings. Due to effort of continual innovation in area of product quality and offered services, the firm received certificate ISO 9001 in 2000. At the end of 2001 the construction of the other manufacturing hall was finished. The hall with an area of 1 200 square meters is designed for production of plastic parts of light fittings. In 2005 it was finished the building of storage hall with an area of 1800 square meters. The present activity of the company can be divided into four independent sections: - development of lightings One of the basic principle of VYRTYCH a.s. is to adapt on customers requirements. In this way the firm established the development workplace which deals with complex development and production of prototypes, development of light fittings according to the special requirements and their successive testing. The progressive technology of volumetric modeling in the CAD software environment is used for the development and design. It enables to simulate the future product in a virtual environment and to design optimal structural and luminous technical properties. The result of the development activity is the complete drawing and technological documentation of new product. - testing laboratory of lightings and photometric measurements accredited by CIA under No. 1279 The testing laboratory is the independent testing laboratory, all competences are delegated to the technical manager of laboratory. Performed tests deal mainly with the aspects of security (electric, thermal and mechanical) and are made according to the harmonized standards CSN EN 60598. The photometric measurements are provided according to approved methods proceeding from the technical literature and the latest information in the field. All the test and measurement results are processed into the Test report that can be used as the basis for the Declaration of Conformity in accordance with the law 22/97 Code. Offered services are appointed mainly for all producers and importers of lightings which will be presented on the Czech market and fulfill the requirements of mentioned law. The testing laboratory is equipped with progressive measuring technology according to the latest technical knowledges in the field and therefore some types of tests are fully automated and the influence of human factor on the test results is minimized. The tests made in the laboratory: thermal tests and tests of durability, tests of insulating resistance and electric strength, tests of resistance against water penetration, tests of light fittings from the aspect of mechanical safety, tests of the emergency light fittings, measurement of photometric properties of the lightings and light sources (luminous efficiency and luminous intensity curves of lightings). - production and sale of lightings Due to the implementation of the quality management system, all the processes in the firm are in accordance with CSN EN ISO 9001. Regarding to the regular inspection visits of the notified body, the company is under the permanent monitoring, which guarantees high quality of offered products and services. Sale of products in the Czech Republic is realised via network of wholesalers with electric installation material. The company concludes long-term commercial treaties with its greatest home partners. Export is ensured by the contractual business partners. At present the company exports to many countries worldwide, e.g. Great Britain, Australia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Romania, Poland, Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, France, Slovakia, etc. - production of plastic components In the new-built plastic division, there is provided the production of plastic components for assembly of the light fittings. Plastic division is equipped with up-to date devices, such as ENGEL injection press machine with locking force of 15 000 kN, MAGUIERE vacuum drying machine and MAGUIRE gravimetric machine for accurate proportioning of up to four components, blade grinding mill with automatic segragation of metallic microelements and dust including their separation.
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