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Windmill Fans
Windmill Fans

Windmill Fans

In 1960, our founder grandfather made products which were unmatched in quality and workmanship. We have maintained our tradition of Quality and Human touch into all our products; creating classic designs and products which reflect our true passion for timeless tradition of manufacturing. Care is taken at every step of manufacturing; it is never easy to make a product which can stand the test of time. Visual and performance inspections are done after every major assembly step to ensure longevity of the product. Human touch is the key; every part of the fan is handmade. Best raw materials are bought to Varanasi; the oldest living city in the world, to be transformed into a classic product which will serve its owner for a lifetime to come. Skilled craftsmen, die makers, engineers work in a team to constantly create and design new products. We have made custom design products for our esteemed clients.
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