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Exclusive interior design systems in the Japanese style are the trademark of Wood & Washi. Over the last few years, the company located in the Dutch town of Groningen has made its name as a specialist in this new approach to interior design. Wood & Washi sets the standard with its innovative ideas, high-quality craftsmanship, long-standing experience and work with international artists. The high-quality window and room decoration products from Wood and Washi stand out for their transparent quality, puristic design and optimum flexibility. Wood & Washi combines traditional paper art with modern Dutch design. All products are based on original Japanese paper from the mulberry tree (Washi), which is combined with modern looks, such as aluminium ribs or stainless steel support systems, in a wide variety of designs. Stylish tailor-made Rollo Shades, Panel Shades and Banners also make it possible to create special shapes and individual solutions. The use of original Japanese paper creates a fascinating interplay of light and shade. In addition, all Rollo Shades, Panel Shades and Banners are hand-made by Wood & Washi. Due to its special lamination, the paper is non-fade and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Wood & Washi products are suitable for use both in the home and office/business premises. They filter the sunlight, create a calm ambiance and can also be used as room dividers.
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