Architects from 10 th street, New Naccache, Lebanon
Youssef Tohme graduated from the French university of architecture “l’Ecole d’Architecture Paris-Villemin” where he taught theory and representation classes in 2004.In 2001-2002, he worked as a chef architect on the redesign study of the “Gare d’Austerlitz” at AREP.
A year later he became an assistant chief architect at Atelier Jean Nouvel Paris on the project Landmark in Beyrouth.In 2004 he became a chief architect on the Louvre Abou Dhabi Museum for the preliminary phase.

In the same time, he worked in Lebanon in collaboration with “109 architectes” on the project “Campus de l‘innovation, de l’économie et du sport à Beyrouth (USJ)” which is currently constructed.

In January 2008 he opens his own office in Lebanon with an offshore in Paris ‘Y.TOHME/ARCHITECTS&associates’ with two partners, Roger Akoury & Anastasia ElRouss, Architect and head of the agency. With a team of young Lebanese and international architects, they try to translate the deep theoretical & technical research in the ongoing projects holding a powerful urban agenda (A-Project-Romania) or on more specific projects (GNJ-Project, T-project, M-Project, and DB-Project in Lebanon).

Horizon, Void, Envelope, Contrast, Duality, and Landscape are many themes explored at the office while developing the projects. The architecture that affects us has always been the one that represents the world where we live and the enthusiasm to understand its social, economic, political and philosophical ways. Reflections on society, territory and context arouse our interests in the relationship with the world and its interpretations.

Recently, ‘Y.TOHME/ARCHITECTS&associates’ office has won a competition launched by the municipality of Bordeaux, developing an urban vision in an area of sixty acres.

Youssef Tohme is commissioned to be the 2014 edition of the Biennale of Architecture, Planning and Design in Bordeaux ‘Agora 2014’.