SC-Project – Villa

SC-Project – Villa

Akoura, Lebanon | View Map
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Private Houses

SC-Project – Villa

Y.TOHME/ARCHITECTS & associates as Architects

Up in the mountains at an altitude of 1200 meters, this house perched on a cliff edge came about as the result of a special request of a client seeking both distance from and a break with the city. Dressed in local stone mounted upon concrete walls, the SC house was approached as a dislocation, its outer skin torn from the mountain it seems to resemble.

Only the façade overlooking the drop is entirely open. Inside, the sensation of looking upward is emphasized, only surrounding peaks are framed by the view, erasing all visual connection with the ground. A large central patio concentrates these tensions and amplifies the surroundings. Though inaudible from outside, the sound of a nearby brook can here be heard quite clearly. The house works on the perception that it serves as sounding board, as enlarger. Its apparent proximity to the sky and the clouds render it monolithic, unreal. It seems as though it has been part of the mountain, for aeons.

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