HQ Dow Benelux

HQ Dow Benelux

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Frank Hanswijk for GROUP A

HQ Dow Benelux, landscape Zeeland as inspiration

GROUP A als Architekten

GROUP A designed the exterior, interior and layout of the site of the new headquarters for Dow Benelux, the Terneuzen Diamond Center at the debouchment of the Westerscheldetunnel. Knowledge sharing and cooperation where the important spear points of the MVP. Dow therefore has set up an “Innovation & Meeting Centre” in the new office building, open to the public, in order to stimulate cooperation in the chemical sector.

Since 1964 Dow Benelux has been located west of Terneuzen (Netherlands). The various functions are spread over the entire factory site. For the new headquarters Dow chose to place this outside the site.

This new location is located at the outlet of the Westerscheldetunnel embedded in the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen polder. The landscape of Zeeland served as inspiration for the design of the headquarters for the interior, exterior and the landscape. Driving through the surroundings, you notice a colour gradient; ranging from earth and green to the light grey blue of the sky. This gradient is reflected in the façade of the new building. The robust plinth of brickwork stands for the Zeeland clay soil, the light superstructure with a horizontal play of lines and colour gradient from dark to light, represents the landscape and the sky. The new office building is thus inspired by the characteristic Zeeland landscape.

The colour gradient applied on the outside and the design of the landscape are extended inwards. This is reflected in the interior through the floors, walls and furniture in a subtle, but clearly recognizable way. Inside the two office wings are connected by a bridge link. The atria that result from this provide plenty of daylight and views. With 1,100 workplaces, the new building offers more than sufficient space to accommodate the growing number of employees.

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