10 distinct timber-clad houses that are rustic yet modern

10 distinct timber-clad houses that are rustic yet modern
29 nov. 2022 Especificación

Wood, in all its forms, is unquestionably among the most versatile materials available out there. Humble yet luxurious, raw yet elegant, timber has been one of the most widely used construction materials for aeons. 


Whether you want a contemporary or traditional façade design, timber is an all-time classic choice for cladding. Often associated with comfort and serenity, timber cladding gives a natural and warm look. 


From a one-storey dwelling with a dynamic timber-crafted screen to a house featuring a charred larch wood black curtain wall, the following list is a selection of ten exceptional homes showcasing timber cladding.


1. House 24
photo_credit Edward Hendricks
Edward Hendricks

In a usual circumstance, the front of the house is the most important - not in our case. House 24 is sited on a triangular plot, a constraint that we took on as an opportunity to really engage with the siting and plan...

Staying true to the biblical reference, the Ark Encounter tourist attraction opened on the 7th July 2016. The park is a one-of-a-kind historical theme park which is expected to draw up to 2.2 million visitors a year.


2. Franzen House
photo_credit Nakamoto Forestry
Nakamoto Forestry

This new house, located in Mohican Hills Maryland is constructed on a steeply sloping, wooded site. Distant views of the Potomac River are afforded in the late fall, winter and early spring. A simple rectangular volum...

Gendai with Linseed Oil BLACK (Shou Sugi Ban)
Nakamoto Forestry
Gendai with Linseed Oil BLACK (Shou Sugi Ban) This product comes with a factory oil finish and is delivered ready to install. Oil finishes are applied to achieve the desired color, offer better color long...


3. Maidla Nature Villa
photo_credit Tõnu Tunnel
Tõnu Tunnel

Inspired by wild nature, placed on the edge of a bog, this building is nothing like your regular hotel room. It is located among birch trees, with bogland flooding knee-deep during high water – making it possibl...

Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash
With Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash cladding, you can create a timelessly elegant façade or a warm...


4. Smilgu House
photo_credit Norbert Tukaj
Norbert Tukaj

Built at the junction of two residential Vilnius‘ districts, Turniškės and Valakampiai, Smilgu House is a building of compact, monumental, yet simple and sensitive architecture. It takes up maximum permis...

Techniclic® is a wooden cladding system with invisible fixation. It allows a traditional horizontal or a modern vertical installation and is available in 7 different wooden species. The tree different planks sizes...
photo_credit Katja Effting
Katja Effting

Op een afgelegen kavel in een veengebied heeft Mirck Architecture een atelier ontworpen. De binnenruimte is heel licht, in tegenstelling tot de donkere verschijning in het landschap. Binnen is het hout blank, buiten i...

Platowood Spruce
Platowood Spruce is pinewood originating from responsibly maintained forests in Northern Europe. This fast-growing softwood is FSC certified and has a lively patterned surface aesthetic. In the Netherlands, sp...


6. wooden house in Brandenburg
photo_credit Simon Menges
Simon Menges

In 2020 we built this special house for a whole family by the lake surrounded by trees: The new two-story residential house in timber frame construction, offers space for 9 people - across three generations. ...

Carboris – Charred timber cladding
Our Carboris profiles are characterized by their unique and striking look. Carboris is based on a centuries old Japanese technique of charring wood: Shou Sugi Ban. Wood is burnt under a controlled flame to the desired...


7. OTP Residence
photo_credit wde sign
wde sign

A private residence in the urban area of Bucharest experienced a major change, designed by architect Rucsandra Popescu from wde sign. Over time, the decayed stone house was expanded to better meet the customer’s...

Lunawood Battens
Lunawood Thermowood battens are a durable and dimensionally stable choice for facades, interiors and various outdoor structures. Multi-purpose battens are a viable choice, when a contemporary and a sharp wooden facade...


8. Tuarangi Home

This unique CLT home uses Tundra Cladding in Iron Vitriol finish...

Tundra Cladding in Iron Vitriol Finish
Abodo Iron Vitriol is a reactive stain finish designed for use as a base-coat onto our Tundra Cladding. The water-based formulation reacts with natural tannins present in timber, creating a dark finish that penetrates...


9. Lofthouse I
photo_credit Filip Dujardin
Filip Dujardin

In this corner house, all floors are interconnected in a continuous flow. The house takes maximum advantage of the exceptional views of its rugged, industrial environment. Loft House 1 is the first implementation of a...

Based on wood modification Foreco introduced NobelWood®, an award-winning alternative for tropical hardwood. It offers durable and sustainable production methods and products. The Dutch institute for building and ecol...


10. Ledge House
photo_credit Paul Warchol
Paul Warchol

The Ledge House clients asked us to design a new home that would resonate with the history of the Connecticut Valley, include a material palette that is environmentally friendly, and work with the challenging site on...

Kebony | SSB | Half Gator
Delta Millworks
Kebony is a beautiful wood recommended by leading architects. It is sustainable, durable and requires no maintenance beyond normal cleaning. Kebony’s performance has been proven in a variety of applications incl...


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