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Mariela Apollonio


HORMA estudio como Arquitectos

The project aims to respond to a corner where a continuous elevation, without edges, is offered to be seen from all angles, without prioritizing one look over another. The curve, understood as a line without discontinuity or startles, becomes the working tool for a house that pretends to be part of the environment that surrounds it.


A brick basement solves the relationship with level 0 and supports the continuous and strategically perforated element to express the spatial richness of its interior.Inside, the house does not obey pre-established orders, allowing the section to discover spaces and link them together to maintain natural light and the view always in movement.


The brick, meticulously placed on the facade and access to the house, shapes the basement of the ground floor, on which volume that materializes the first floor and roof rests.On the facade, openings are discovered that offer natural light to very specific interior spaces.The ground floor includes the daytime use of the house, this is understood as a single space whose uses are configured by different curves and planes. The patio, fused with the interior through the glass creates with this a space that could be unique. In it, the red carpentries and the green of the vegetation make up the border between the house and the street.


The game of heights allows the most private spaces for individual use to be located in the following levels. The path ends at the roof, an open and unique space where pool accompanies the rest in language and form of the project and is specified as one of the unique places of the house.

Brick, vegetation and curves are the elements in charge of materializing a house that apparently it does not follow specific rhythms, but it is undoubtedly thought out and designed for its new inhabitants.


Material Used:
Facade cladding: ceramic brick, white lime mortar
Flooring: ceramic brick
Interior furniture: white and red lacquered wood

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