KEIM – The Hidden Champion for Mineral Paints

You want to be unique? You want to be outstanding with your project? Choose the real mineral colors from KEIM! 

Creating new project costs a lot of effort that they are unique, ecological, sustainable, outstanding and for sure they should stay for decades. But often those amazing building look sad due to the weather conditions, sunlight, or other external influences. Therefore, the question is: “What can you do to protect your building and keep the outstanding appearance for decades?”. The answer is easy! Use the real mineral colors from KEIM. We can offer you the right solutions, with our famous mineral colors and stains for all climate conditions. 

Sustainability is part of our DNA

Since 1878 we stand for healthy, ecological, and long-lasting products. Architects, designers, contractors, distributors, and investors trust in KEIM as we are the frontrunner for sustainably products. With over 65 Cradle-to-Cradle certified products we are the benchmark in the paint industry and prove our promise. 

Where to get KEIM

With 11 subsidiaries and over 30 international partners we can support you and your projects doesn´t matter where they are in the world. Our product range last from mineral plasters and fillers, wood systems, products for concrete repair and concrete cosmetics to thermal insulation systems for interior and exterior spaces as well as natural stone systems.  

You want to know more about KEIM? Take a look at our references here on Archello or get in touch with us through the contact section. 

We are looking forward to support you on your upcoming project  

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