Nome Prodotto
Rockpanel Colours - colourful facade panels
Rivestimento di facciata
Rivestimento in pietra
Pietra, Natural stone - Basalt
Gamma grigia
Gamma nera
Gamma rossa
Gamma gialla
Gamma blu
Gamma viola
Gamma arancione
Gamma marrone
Gamma Oro
Gamma argento
Gamma di rame
Gamma rosa

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Let your facade blend into the environment. Or emphasise the features in an urban setting. Enjoy complete freedom in the design of your building – in almost any colour of your choice. For a colourfast decorative statement, Rockpanel Colours is the perfect choice. Order your samples here


The best thing about using colour in your façade, is that the possibilities are truly infinite. In design, colour is no longer seen as a finishing touch, but as a key component of design and build. It seems that colour is becoming a tool to carve the right effect or ambience: to create daring combinations, dramatic effects, altered perceptions, natural harmony or something profoundly deep.


Intense colours give profound effects of depth through layering, conveying a sense of spaciousness and dynamic change. Are you looking to create a façade that’s even more striking? Giving additional effects to coloured surfaces, the possibilities using patterns, texture, perforation, grooves and more are sheer endless. Artistic decorations reflect the interaction between art and architecture.


Why choose Rockpanel Colours?

• Excellent colourfastness
• Full freedom in design
• Wide range of colours available
• Quick and easy installation
• No special equipment needed

Rockpanel Colours offers you the most complete palette of colours. What will your amazing colourful facade look like?


For architects & contractors: Order your Colours box now!

Are you an architect or contractor and are you curious how Rockpanel Colours would suit your project? Contact us to receive your free Rockpanel Colours box, including a brochure and samples of our designs.

Order your samples here

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