Born Linden
Pedro Ocanhas

Born Linden Apartment

Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos 建築家 として

Executed shortly before the start of the pandemic, the apartment designed for a young couple with two children is a great example of a large and easily maintained home, very well adapted to a big city’s needs and welcoming to its owners. 


The apartment is located on the second floor of a building on a busy street of Itaim, a well known neighborhood in São Paulo. Since the fundamental premise of the project was the integration of spaces, modifications were made to the original plan with the intent to combine environments that were originally disconnected. As a result, and with the intent to make the most of the beautiful city's view, we took advantage of the large terrace, merging it with the spacious living room. The outcome is a wide glass facade, leveled with the treetops, resulting in a well lit room, ideal for leisure and receiving friends and family. For the children's rooms the main purpose  was to use our own language, creating a playful, creative and inspiring environment, including one of a kind bed designs.


The project is the result  of 3 researches that best characterizes the office’s work: Monolithic concrete cladding, semi-industrialized wood panels, and linear residential lighting. The concrete used presented a higher granulation, which after being polished over a monolithic base results in a very rustic finish.In counterpoint to the rusticity of the floor, an exquisite design of panels and doors of carpentry allows the integration but also the isolation of the environments according to the users needs. For the ceiling, the solution was to replicate the same slat design used in the panels, but instead of wood it was made out of MDF, facilitating the execution and balancing the costs while standardizing the two large planes, vertical and horizontal. The lighting design seeks to highlight the elegant wooden panels. Therefore, it is  composed of linear LED profiles, which were also automated, allowing  its color temperature and intensity to be controlled throughout the day.

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