Housing Mayflower
Salem Mostefaoui

Housing Mayflower

Emmanuel Combarel, Dominique Marrec 建築家 として

Geometric, quantified, the void is the predominant material of facades. Organized in an accumulation of cavities, the voids multiply the surface of the accommodation by adding external volumes; contained volumes where everyone’s privacy is defined and protected by a constructive framework: half-balcony, halfloggia but certainly extension areas for housing that is never large enough. The fundamental and structuring choice of the project is to offer all housing large extension areas, with an architecture that allows the greatest number of housing to be extended by generous semi-outdoor spaces in the form of loggias, multiplied balconies.


These exterior surfaces are a generous joint between interior and exterior, between the accommodation and its environment. Balconies are not only exterior surfaces, but characterized spaces. These generous outdoor spaces, true spaces of freedom allow to multiply the private surfaces in a search for harmony between an urban universe and a voluntary idea of the place of nature in the habitat.


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