Introducing Partner Thermory AS
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Introducing Partner Thermory AS

26 Mar 2024  •  Partner News  •  By Allie Shiell

Thermory AS offers a diverse product range that includes durable exterior cladding, decking, interior wall panelling, and flooring made of thermally modified wood, as well as industrially painted wooden products for indoor and outdoor use. As the world's leading manufacturer of sauna materials and ready-made saunas, Thermory also holds a prominent position in the sauna and spa sectors.

For over twenty years, Thermory products have set the industry standard. They are produced in Estonia by leading experts in modifying wood. Ninety percent of Thermory's production is exported to more than 50 countries.

Thermory's unique technology uses heat and steam to transform carefully selected, certified timber from sustainably managed forests into a range of inspiring, naturally chemical-free products that are easy to install and enhance indoor and outdoor environments worldwide.

Thermory AS was named Exporter of the Year in 2018 and voted TOP 3 in the Sustainable Enterprises category in 2023 by Enterprise Estonia in the Entrepreneurship Award competition.

Below are examples of some standout products: 


Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash cladding

Patio House
Netherlands architectural firm BNLA created a spacious single-story luxury living that exudes modernity and sophistication. In the midst of greenery, the minimalist form of the house is accentuated with the el...

With Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash cladding, you can create a timelessly elegant façade or a warm and cozy indoor atmosphere. In addition to this aesthetic appeal, the cladding has several other important properties concealed beneath its beautiful surface – durability, simple installation options and easy maintenance.

Thermory’s thermo-ash has the highest available durability class, and it is dimensionally stable and knotless with a rich, deep tone when oiled regularly. This product also includes profiles that can be used to install the cladding simply and without any visible fixings.


Vivid by Thermory



Holiday Houses Netherlands
Distrubution & PhotographyInterFacaProduct InformationVivid by ThermoryThermo-spruce cladding.Profile D4. Color Vivid Opaque

Thermory’s Vivid Series offers excellent resistance against decay and diverse weather conditions. Vivid coated cladding selection is a high-quality solution that makes any building stand out from the crowd. The spruce and pine products undergo an intense thermal modification process that uses only heat and steam to give exceptional stability and durability.

Painted thermowood has many advantages over regular painted wood. lightweight, easy-to-install boards are brushed to enhance their natural pattern. For a long-lasting finish, the wood is then coated with water-based paints that are environmentally friendly and have been tested in the harshest climates. 


Benchmark Thermo-Pine 

Felleskjøpet Headquarters
DesignSnøhetta ArchitectsProduct InformationBenchmark by Thermory Thermo-pine cladding. Profile C5 20 x 140 mm.

Benchmark thermo-pine sets a new standard for softwood cladding. Thermal modification makes the pine more durable and stable while emphasizing its warm golden-brown color that can be maintained with a UV-resistant coating and characteristic knot pattern – all without any chemicals.

Thermory offers a wide range of profiles, including profiles that allow for hidden fixing, enabling a flawless finish and easy deck installation.