Top 10 Trending Glazed Office Partitions
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Top 10 Trending Glazed Office Partitions

12 Aug 2022  •  Specification  •  By Collin Anderson

Glazed office partition systems respond to the essential needs of
today’s workplaces. Transparency, flexibility and ease of installation
are important factors as is, often, the capability to integrate with
existing constructions for adaptive re-use or renovation projects.
Partitions with clean lines and thin profiles help to visually
disintegrate the boundaries between interior programs, while they
function to divide interior spaces among various uses or users.

Key selection factors include the level of acoustic transmission.
Several partition walls are able to meet acoustic insulation ratings
capable of strong sound reduction between adjacent spaces. Another
factor is ceiling height, and products today are often fabricated up to 3
meters in height or more. Swing, pivot, barn or reversible doors are
among the options available. To achieve privacy, translucent glazing
or double glazed systems with integral roller shades are available.

Systems range in style from minimalist frameless, to thin-profile
frames, to full frames with wood or colored aluminum to harmonize
with interior space designs, curved walls for corner conditions, and
even fire rated solutions. The most flexible products are often
demountable to adapt to future change. The products selected here are
among the most standout in today’s market.

1. UTA Nashville
photo_credit Eric Laignel
Eric Laignel

Having outgrown their former space, UTA relocated their Nashville office to a newly revitalized historic office building that would allow them to create a new environment expressive of their culture and clientele. The...

Tek Vue is a glass office-front system that responds to the essential needs of today’s workplace. The system focuses on single-center glazing and thin-profile frames, while providing effortless integration with conven...


2. GreenbergTraurig
photo_credit Photo: Ryan Garvin Photography
Photo: Ryan Garvin Photography


Clean lines and thin profiles. Reveal the beauty of every interior space while enhancing architectural features and letting in more natural light. Inspired by a sleek design aesthetic, FINO from Muraflex is a streamli...


3. Deloitte Hub
photo_credit FG+SG

The challenge with Deloitte’s office in Lisbon was to redesign and generate new workspace solutions that could promote an upgrade and improvement on the quality of the current workspace. All of this, while encouraging...

Excellence in design, flexibility in use, high quality yield and technological innovation. With flexibility to archive effectiveness, privacywithout losing aesthetics and transparency to provi...


4. FlightHub offices: Technology, Travel and Tribes
photo_credit Maxime Brouillet
Maxime Brouillet

ACDF Architecture, a firm renowned for its ambitious, design-savvy commercial, residential, hospitality, and institutional projects, is proud to unveil the dynamic new offices of FlightHub, an online travel a...

Channel Glass Wall Systems
Bendheim Wall Systems, Inc. offers a variety of exterior and interior channel glass systems, allowing architects and designers to create virtually seamless glass walls, up to 23 feet high and limitless in length, incl...


5. ALLEN & OVERY – Modern Law Flexible Office
photo_credit Studio Flusser
Studio Flusser

Can we take the DNA of a successful law firm and transform it into a modern, open and airy space? How do we combine teamwork with complicated or discreet meetings? Our solution reflects the dynamic and flexible nature...

WOODY II slim Interior acoustic fully glazed partition with profiles from real european oak wood. Partition is able to reach acoustic insulation up to Rw=46dB.


6. Travel Agency Headquarters

The task of the investor for the Perspektiv studio was to prepare a design for the new headquarters of travel agency in the brownfield of the former Zbrojovka in Brno and at the same time to create a uniform design ma...

LESA | wooden partitions
The LESA wooden interior partition system brings a bit of nature to offices. Wooden partitions will complete your space with their uniqueness, creating a harmonious interior with the furniture.   ...


7. Trade Fides

Reconstruction of history They do not always build offices in new modern administrative buildings with doubled floor and modular layout system. Sometimes, the company decides to stay in their...

MICRA I | frameless partition | single glazed
Minimalist all-glass frameless partitions that combine transparency and flexibility. Maximum transparency and minimalist design with the highest demands placed on functionality and every detail. The aesthetics...


8. The Column Group Offices
photo_credit Joe Fletcher
Joe Fletcher

The Column Group, a venture capital firm dedicated to developing biotech companies, asked our team to create a calm, downtempo space with a serene level of visual density. A balance of enclosed and open office space o...

LAMA System
An elegant glass wall system that offers a slim profile, high adjustability, and simple installation. System enhancements include FIMO, our wood door and module system, and TELO, our unique telescoping walls.


9. Rabobank Croeselaan

Building and interior delivered following phased renovationRabobank's distinctive main office in Utrecht, which dates from the 1980’s, has been transformed into a dynamic working environment that wil...

Curved walls
Maars Living Walls
SILVER Award winning design at Best of NeoCon 2016! Architects and designers are asking more and more for organic shapes in interiors and learning environments. With Curved Walls, you can create playful, organic and a...


10. ALLEN & OVERY – Modern Law Flexible Office
photo_credit Studio Flusser
Studio Flusser

Can we take the DNA of a successful law firm and transform it into a modern, open and airy space? How do we combine teamwork with complicated or discreet meetings? Our solution reflects the dynamic and flexible nature...

Multiwal Commandoor
Frameless moveable wall Multiwal Commandoor. This wall combines the openness and transparency of glass with high levels of acoustic performance. Just like the traditional panel walls, the Commandoor comes standard wit...