Top 10 Trending Office Chairs
CO - Sol by UUfie - © Maxime Brouillet

Top 10 Trending Office Chairs

22 Dec 2021  •  Specification  •  By Athena Waligore

An outstanding chair makes an office, whether in an open plan workspace or in a home. Every day architects share their material and interior selections on Archello and through their knowledge sharing our database of specifications is growing rapidly. In this week’s theme article, we take a look at office chairs. These are the designs that were most often specified by architects and designers in the past year. These are ten of our most popular options. 


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Japan Association of Athletics Federations by Brook - © Tomooki Kengaku

1. Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

Designed by Fuseproject founder Yves Béhar, the Sayl chair is a very popular option for offices. The back, in ventilated elastomer, lends a contemporary and distinctive look to the chair while flexing with the user’s body and aiding air circulation. Sayl can be customized with different type of upholstery — standard versions are affordable for a top-notch chair.  



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BDO Offices by Lemay - © Claude-Simon Langlois

2. Gesture by Steelcase

Gesture, launched by Steelcase several years ago, is designed for a range of functions and users. Special attention was paid in the development process to the way we interact with different types of technology, from laptops to phones. It is available with a headrest and in stool versions. A range of upholstery options includes Kvadrat canvas and Divina MD wool.  



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Gruppo Campari Offices by I-V - © Lisa Petrole

3. Kinesit Chair by Arper SPA

Arper’s Kinesit chair is playful but appropriate for serious offices. Launched in 2014, the chair was designed by Spanish trio Lievore Altherr Molina. Extensive mechanisms to adjust the chair are hidden under the seat for a minimal and attractive look. Armrests can be fixed or adjustable. In 2021, additional upholstery options were added via the Kinesit Met — dozens of fresh colors are available. 



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Ocad u Co by BDP Quadrangle - © Adrien Williams

4. i2i by Steelcase

A bold chair that is also ergonomic, i2i by Steelcase has a swivel base and a flexing back to keep users comfortable. It keeps workers supported during collaborations — even long meetings —without needing to stop and adjust the chair. An optional writing/laptop table can be integrated into the chair, and there is a complementing worktable as well. 



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Alki Offices by Alki - © Mito Photography

5. Kuskoa Bi Desk Chair by Alki

Designed by Iratzoki Lizaso, the Kuskoa Bi chair is made in bioplastic (this office version swaps out wooden legs for a metal structure). It can be finished in six different oaks, including natural, carbon black, and white-stained. Dozens of supple leathers are available, as are a wide range of Gabriel and Kvadrat fabrics. Contemporary and elegant, this chair suits many different types of offices. 



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Spaces Rialto by D&P Associates - © Courtesy of D&P Associates

6. Laia desk Chair by Alki

Jean Louis Iratzoki designed this unique chair, which is both comfortable and distinctive. The rear of the chair is always covered in felt, but the legs and seat are thoroughly customizable. Wooden oak legs can be left natural or stained. It is also available upholstered in dozens of leathers as well as a wide range of Gabriel and Kvadrat fabrics.



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CO - Sol by UUfie - © Maxime Brouillet

7. Sabrina by Teknion

Co-developed by Giugiaro Design and the Okamura Corporation, this mesh-back task chair is designed to help work get done. The back nearly cradles users, featuring both support and gentle flexing. Frames can be black or white, and the back mesh is available in different colors, including Lapis and Basalt. A headrest can be added on, and there is also a stool version. 



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Ayming Belgium by Space Refinery - © Thomas Noceto

8. EVERYis1 by Interstuhl Büromöbel

The Everyis1 is both playful and functional, fitting in perfectly to many different types of offices — including creative ones. Designed by Sven von Boetticher for Interstuhl Büromöbel, this chair looks smart while maintaining an affordable price. Chair backs can be either mesh or upholstered, and there is a range of upholstery including leather and Steelcut Trio 3. There is also a swiveling stool version.  



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EDGE Technologies HQ by Fokkema & Partners Architecten B.V. - © Bram Vreugdenhil

9. Zinn by Gispen

Gispen’s Zinn task chair was designed by Justus Kolberg to allow for easy shifting when sitting for long periods of time. The chair is both comfortable and supportive, automatically adjusting to the user’s weight. Artificial leather options make this a good choice for healthcare facilities. To prolong the life of the chair, upholstery can be replaced by the user after years of use. 



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Confidential Investment Firm Offices by Stoked Associates - © Studio Periphery

10. Zody by Haworth

Designed by ITO Design and Haworth Design Studio’s Michael Welsh, years of research went into Haworth’s Zody chair. A patented system allows the user to easily adjust the chair for comfort throughout the day. Seat, mesh, trim, and frame color can all be customized. There is also a stool version. This is a very popular chair — over three million Zody chairs are currently in use around the globe.