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Island kitchens

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The universal bulthaup b3 design system encapsulates "State of the art” like no other. This system offers an incredibly wide range of versatile design solutions for perfect kitchens, as well as surprising solutions for functional and aesthetic changes to spaces that go beyond the kitchen work area. b3 combines functionality and ergonomics in a minimalist, light-looking form that not only creates light functionality, but also has a sensual and sculpted character. The elements of this system can be installed wall-hung, floor-standing or foot-supported, depending on how much storage space is needed.

bulthaup b3 wall panels offer aesthetic and functional advantages to kitchens and living spaces. Aesthetically the wall panels accentuate horizontal lines and can be suspended with or without shelves in all front surfaces offered in the b3 system. Functionally, the 12mm gap between the panels creates a mechanism for suspending functional elements (e.g. bulthaup cookbook holders, knife blocks, shelves and more) on the wall.

The bulthaup b3 interior system is a drawer organizational system based on the use of functional prisms –geometric kitchen components and accessories that fit precisely into V-shaped channels in crafted drawer inserts that run parallel to the length of the cabinets. Users can change, remove and reorganize drawer organizational components and accessories over time to best meet their evolving needs and create personalized “collages of life.”

This bulthaup b3 kitchen is in a manor house that was originally built hundreds of years ago on the Danish island of Fyn. The gentle grain of the solid oak fronts, just 13 mm thick, on the kitchen island and cabinets accentuate the home's warm atmosphere. The large, centrally positioned kitchen island with stainless steel worktop is enhanced by a line of medium-tall units with ample storage space and appliances. A credenza, installed on the multi-functional wall, appears to be floating and connects to the comfortable seating area next to an open fireplace.

Bulthaup b3 gives you the freedom to let your design ideas and dreams be fully realized. You can create your living space with a variety of hand-selected materials that match the character of the space and the people that live in it. Hand finished forms harmonize with human ergonomics and the surrounding architecture. b3’s precisely engineered functionality works simply and perfectly. This freedom of design continues right down to the finest kitchen detail.

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Island kitchens
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Island kitchens

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