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Manufacturers from 325 Lee Avenue, Baie-D'Urfe, Montreal, QC, Canada
We're revolutionizing how you design flexible space and providing solutions to your space needs from office meeting spaces, to classrooms, to event venues around the world. Our vertically folding acoustic operable walls are more than just room dividers: they are innovative, acoustic and electric systems that allow you to redefine how your clients use a space and that give your clients the agency to adapt their environments for their minute-by-minute needs. With Skyfold, you'll create integrated design concepts that unite acoustics, design, performance and flexibility.

10 Reasons Why Architects & Designers are Choosing to Think Vertical with Skyfold:

01 - Acoustically Superior: All Skyfold walls offer industry-leading soundproofing indexes ranging from STC 48 to 60 (RW 47 - RW 59)

02 - Flexibility: Custom made for your space, our systems adapt to all types of environments, from office meeting rooms to hotel ballrooms and stepped-floor auditoriums

03 - Design: You can create a unique and custom look with a wide selection of materials and finishes that can be mix-and-matched to complement, and even enhance, your space. Plus, there are no visible mechanisms or floor/wall tracks

04 - Space: Our walls retract into the ceiling so that valuable floor space is not compromised

05 - Lightweight: Our ingenious structural design uses less steel, making Skyfold lighter than most traditional systems and more cost efficient.

06 - Quiet: Your clients will benefit from the wall's silent operation; they can separate a room without disturbing the meeting already in progress

07 - Economical: Requires little manpower for operation and minimal maintenance

08 - Efficient: A simple keypad operation that allows for the wall to be deployed and retracted within minutes and without any manual operation

09 - Sustainable: As an official member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Skyfold walls can be calculated towards LEED accreditation for your projects. Our walls are constructed with up to 97% recycled materials, up to 27% post-consumer recyclable materials, and up to 51% pre-consumer recyclable materials

10 - Reliability: Built to last—we stand by our products by offering an industry-leading 10-year warranty on parts

Skyfold is a member of dormakaba Group's Key & Walls Solution segment in their Movable Walls division along with Modernfold and Dorma Hueppe.