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Island kitchens (295)

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All about Island Kitchens


As the name suggests,an island kitchen is a type of kitchen equipped with an island. The island refers to a bench and storage area that is not connected to any kitchen wall. In an island kitchen, the island can be accessed from any side. If space availability is not an issue, an island can be integrated to any type of kitchen design.

There are numerous customizable kitchen island storage options to choose from. Some of the options available include hanging utensil racks, built-in wine rack, coffee mug holder and many more. In addition to offering an extra bench and storage space, a kitchen island can be utilized for sinks and cooktops. The way in which kitchen triangle is configured decides the range of options. Another key aspect is that kitchen can be segmented into different zones using islands, allowing more than one person to work in a kitchen without considerable interference.

A sink and dishwasher can be installed on one leg of a kitchen island along with a station for cleanup tasks. For creating a cooking zone, oven and microwave can be installed on another leg of the island. An espresso machine and gas or plumbing appliance can be hooked up as well. Kitchen island also works as a conference space to share drinks and meals. All these functional benefits play a very vital role in making island kitchens extremely popular.

The ultimate decision on the suitability of an island kitchen comes down to the amount of space available. In spacious kitchens, an island allows to utilize space in an optimal way. Various types of materials are used to make island kitchens. Most common materials include concrete and cement, glass, metal, stone and wood.   

Island kitchens offer casual seating where family and friends can sit while meals are prepared. Large islands offer seats for even up to six people. In addition to excellent practical features, kitchen island can be used as a focal point to add style and substance to a kitchen.


Manufacturer Spotlight : Minimal USA


Minimal USA offers inspirational and vibrant kitchen design solutions that offer true value for money to their customers. The design philosophy of this manufacturer is to blend unique materials, fine aesthetics, excellent architecture form and most advanced technology creatively and harmoniously to deliver custom made island kitchens.

Embracing environmental sustainability, Minimal Island kitchens fulfill the ever growing requirements for personalized kitchen solutions with a clear focus on the changing needs of an ever more educated and well informed clientele. Ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality are combined to deliver the ultimate island kitchen solutions at affordable prices.   

With uncompromising commitment to excellence and an expansive network of worldwide partners, Minimal USA can achieve all types of island kitchen solutions. Another advantage of collaborating with Minimal is their complimentary design consultation, along with photorealistic 3D renderings.


The best Island Kitchens Brands on Archello


No matter whether you are an engineer, homeowner, architect, interior designer or property developer; we appeal to you to use our product selector to discover the right island kitchens solutions that meet your unique project needs.