Wood Veneer

by Goldray Glass
  • Suitable for interior applications
  • Standard and custom options are available
  • Can be used to achieve a variety of design goals
  • Highly durable and abrasion-resistant



Product Name
Wood Veneer
Goldray Glass

Product Type

Architectural glass
Other glass and Decorative glass

Product Specs


By combining a mix of glass and metalized mesh, Goldray Glass has created the most alluring architectural product available today – Laminated Metal Mesh. With its unique texture and a selection of either Aluminum, Bronze, Gold, or Copper, Laminated Metal Mesh can enhance any space as a decorative feature in both interior and exterior designs.

Goldray collaborates with architects, designers, and glaziers to create decorative architectural glass for projects across North America. Our continued investment in new technologies keeps us ahead of the industry curve.


                                                                 FEATURES & BENEFITS


-Suitable for interior applications

-Standard and custom options are available
-Can be used to achieve a variety of design goals
-Highly durable and abrasion-resistant

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