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All about Decorative Glass

Architectural decorative glasses are products that have been treated in special ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building. These products are extensively used in construction and building applications, including partitions, windows, walls and many other architectural features. Sophisticated and unique decorative glass designs make use of a wide range of architectural glass techniques for fulfilling all required specifications for construction.

Decorative glass makes a space graceful, beautiful and elegant. Although decorative in nature, top products are tempered glass products that are up to 6 times stronger than conventional glass. In addition to being attractive, decorative glass is heat-resistant, durable and safe as well.

The application of decorative or art glass has become common practice to make interior and exterior parts of residential as well as commercial buildings truly inviting. It creates a positive energy and sets the mood for the inhabitants and visitors. Moreover, this type of glass adds natural light to create an ambiance where everybody feels comfortable. The energy efficiency of a residential or commercial building also undergoes tremendous transformation with the most suitable decorative glass.

Even minimal additions of decorative glass may enhance the value of a home and make a positive impact on the building’s value. It clearly sets the construction apart and motivates potential buyers to offer a better price. 

Customization becomes an easy option with art or stained glass installation. Plenty of art or decorative glass choices are available for personalizing a space. Creativity of the human being is the only limitation.

Innovative and high quality decorative glass designs also offer benefits like impact resistance, UV resistance, chemical resistance, fire resistance, antimicrobial properties and environment friendliness.  

Manufacturer Spotlight: Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Nathan Allan Glass Studios are one of the premier manufacturers of architectural textured glass and decorative glass products. With more than 150 unique glass textures and designs: this company meets almost all decorative and art glass requirements.

The products of Nathan Allan Glass Studios can be classified into three categories. The Classic product category is meant to fulfill the needs and preferences of the designers and architects who follow an uncompromising attitude when it comes to luxurious detailing of kiln-formed glass products that are hand-made.

The Freeform version refers to a unique range of 3-dimensional glass surface patterns. Clear and deep surfaces of Freeform glass designs offer exceptional privacy and elegance.

JOSIAH J collection is the trademark of Nathan Allan Glass Studios. These decorative art glass products are attractive, functional, innovative and original as well.

Nathan Allan follows the best production standards to offer top quality decorative tempered glass products. They make use of unique and creative production techniques to deliver innovative and artistic solutions that help a project stand out from the competitors. Decorative glass designs are available for homes, offices, malls, hotels, restaurants, casinos and many more.  

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