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All About 3 D Wall Claddings


3D Wall Claddings are special decorative walls that are designed to make a wall look multi-faceted and 3 dimensional. These give the walls a different visual perspective and make it look as though it is made up of a completely different type of material than it actually is. Although cladding is commonly seen in the outer walls, it can be also used to decorate the inner walls. Cladding signifies application of one material over another to provide a second skin or layer. Its main function is to provide a lower refractive index at the core interface in order to cause reflection within the core. This helps the light waves to transmit through the fibre giving it a 3 dimensional view instead of the normal 2 dimensional wall cladding. Cladding walls provide high resistance against strong weather calamities and extensive heat and light exposure.

There are various types of wall cladding available in the market. All the options provide varied qualities and services depending upon the structure and purpose of application. The common types of wall claddings are decorative and plastered wall cladding and laser wall cladding. Decorative and plastered wall cladding: Plastered wall panels are water-resistant and very easy to clean and look after. These are generally used for cladding walls and ceilings in bathrooms, kitchens and basement areas and garages and all other living areas. Laser Cladding: This is a processing technique for adding one completely different material to the surface of another one in an appropriate manner. A stream of the desired powder is fed into a focused laser beam as it is scanned across the target surface, leaving behind a deposited coating of the chosen material.


Some of the advantages of wall claddings are heat preservation, sound insulation and absence of colour fading. The cost and maintenance requirement for these wall claddings are completely flexible in terms of the material consumers use. Costs are incurred depending upon the panels that one prefers, which can be synthetic resin panels, wooden panels or fired tiles with different dimensions and colours. The total cost incurred will be the actual cost in terms of material, properties, installation, pattern and usage. Cladding basically includes multiple layers that facilitate better noise cancellation and temperature control. Between the inner concrete and the outer cladding lies a deep air pocket and insulation mesh. This mesh and air pocket combines to give an impervious waterproof layering alongside a complete soundproof structure. 

Wall cladding can be a complete system of profiles and fittings, suitable for exterior and interior coverings. It can also alternately function for protecting the structures and designed 3D pattern creations. 3D wall claddings in home and offices enhance not only the building cost but also the property value. Such cladding cannot withstand heavy loads. However, cladding provides an extreme touch of innovation and elegant appearance to the walls making it look classy. 3D wall cladding provides an illusion of a greater and more spacious area due to the 3 faceted surfaces.


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