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All about Aluminium Windows

Gone are those days when harwood and glass dominated the world window frames. With the inclusion of hard, sturdy and commercially popular Aluminium frames, buyers have plethora of opportunities to explore. Known at the first glance for their energy efficiency and visual appeal, aluminium windows are a maintenance free solution when it comes to window frame installation in a property. Windows and doors made from tough aluminium symbolize perseverance and keep going strong in almost every type of weather condition. With variety of colors and minimal maintenance requirements, aluminium frames make for an intelligent building choice.

It is believed that aluminium windows and doors first found widespread apeal when double glazed windows came to the architectural scene in the 1960’s. Whether directly installed into a brick wall or fit against a hardwood frame, these windows offer amazing aesthetic value to any interior. Being resistant to common issues such as warping, moisture related problems, rot and rust, these window frames are ideal for commercial places where least investment and maintenance expenditure is required.

Aluminium windows are better known for their energy efficiency but this quality becomes a weakness in areas where cooling is a necessity inside homes and commercial spaces. Recent technological enhancements have made it possible to manage high performance thermal capacity and offer a balanced temperature. Aluminium windows with thermal breaks are making life much more comfortable. Despite a hike in aluminium pricing, these frames are still popular due to ease of maintenance, installation and cost effective repairs. People with aluminium windows claim that they reduce noise coming from outside sources to a reasonable limit.

Aluminium windows developed with double glazing can help boost the appearance of surroundings. Aluminium framed windows are available in multiple designs and colors to suit every type of budget. When it comes to repair and maintenance, an aluminium window can be effortlessly repaired. Aluminium doors and windows have adapted through the years to provide the efficiency, technical handling and qualities associated modern architecture. Multipoint locking systems is one of the more advanced recent features, making these doors a safe choice for secure homes and commercial spaces. 

Manufacturer Spotlight: Reynaers Aluminium

Spread across five continents and around seventy nations, Reynaers Aluminium is a global manufacturer and supplier of world class aluminium windows and doors. Deriving strength through its pool of about 5000 independent contractors, architects, designers and fabricators, Reynaers is known for making progressive leaps in the aluminium modeling and designing industry. Seeing a record profit reporting of 360 million euros in the year 2015, this medium sized organization has carved its own definition of excellence. The Reynaers testing centre located in Duffel (Belgium) is a major source of the innovative designs, research and modifications that consumers witness in their elegant aluminium window designs, detailing and energy efficient aluminium windows and doors. Get closer to this multifaceted aluminium window and door provider here

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