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Windows are more than just openings to the world. Their design plays a key role in determining the overall look of a building. Moreover, windows must meet more than just the highest demands in quality and security - the customer nowadays look for great value on color, form and function. Perfect for architecture and building structures, window profiles are designed to have two moveable casements that can slide up and down independently. And unlike fixed sash windows, they can be unlatched from their rails and tilted inwards to make cleaning easier and safer.

Window profiles come in a wide range of combinations, sizes and colors. These are built to perform, even in the most severe climates and tested for optimal thermal performance, structural integrity and protection against the elements. In addition, window profiles meet the highest customer manufacturing demands and can be used in finished products which are designed for the changeable climatic regions. When used correctly, window profiles offer sufficient insulation and resist cracking and fading.

There are different types of Window Profiles such as Single and double sliders, Transoms, Awning Windows, Casement Windows and Fixing Windows. The extrusion of window profiles can meet many requirements and can produce a variety of products: single wall profiles or with hollow, profiles made of flexible or rigid material, profiles designed using extrusion or co-extrusion. In window profile extrusion, co-extrusion saves material costs with a combination of high-grade PVC production waste or recycled materials. Thus, window profiles are easy to install, resistant to weathering and chemicals and have excellent heat and sound insulation properties.

As each object requires some care, window profiles need it too that makes these last longer. To clean the glass, use warm water or special detergent and cotton cloth. Clean the frame with warm water or special cleaning jelly and cotton cloth. Do not use materials containing solvents, as well as sharp or rough materials. Regularly remove debris, dust or other dirt from the gaskets. It is recommended to lubricate gaskets with a special liquid during winter time.

The choice for window profiles in a building has a strategic importance both because of the comfort and the energy efficiency. It is estimated that in a building with lower quality windows and doors casings 30% of the energy used to heat the building is lost. It is then essential to invest in low U-rate windows and doors. In compliance with the UNI EN 14351-1 norm the doors and windows must be wind resistant, waterproof, air permeable as well as durable. Discover top brands window profiles at Archello and get the most innovative products with ease! 

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