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All About Bicycle Racks

The bicycle is a very popular mode of transport worldwide because of its low cost and environmentally friendly credentials. Bicycle racks are built to ensure bicycle safety. They are available in many different sizes and models.

In the market, the bicycles racks are categorized into various designs under three major categories being style, mount and finishing. The different style varieties include double deck, decorative, innovative, grid style, u-rack, wave type, bollard or post and ring style. Mount categories include in-ground, surface, rail mount, wall mount and removable mounts. A wide range of finishes are available including stainless steel, galvanized, powder-coat and thermoplastic-coated.

If a bicycle rack is properly fixed, then it should easy to secure the bicycle. Be it of any style, you simply require proper fixing and a lock.

Bicycle racks are typically very easy to maintain and repair. Regular cleaning is more than sufficient, require not much more than simple wiping with a wet cloth. Darker colours are preferable as they do not show dirt and grime as easily.

Company Spotlight: American Bicycle Security Co.

Being a division of the world famous Turtle Storage Ltd., incorporated in the year 1986, the American Bicycle Security Co. Boasts more than 25 years in the bicycle security world. This organisation has been actively helping Americans achieve their leisure goals or group biking campaigns by offering free counselling on the ‘type of bicycle to carry and other significant ‘to do’s.’ Products can be tailor made as per specific preferences when ordered with this company.

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