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Blinds (222)

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All about Blinds

Blinds offer multifunctional benefits for different spaces. It can be a living room, bedroom, hall or a commercial space; the right blind of shade provide excellent light control and much needed privacy. Appealing window coverings also make the room attractive and stylish.  

Every building has windows, but they are often just simple openings without any coverings or treatments. When blinds are added, space becomes more appealing. Being decorative and functional, blinds can be used on windows as well as on doors to control light and enhance the appearance of a space. There is life beyond these purposes for blinds and shades however. They also work as room dividers when hinged together.

Blinds are available in a wide range of materials, sizes, designs and colors. All blinds are equipped with individual slats that can be adjusted up and down using a cord located on one side. For effective light control, modern versions can be tilted from side to side with the help of a rod located on the other side. 

Different types of blinds have their own unique purposes. Vertical blinds are the most popular option for floor to ceiling windows and patio doors. Based on the style, these window treatments open by parting in the middle or side to side.

Roller shades are basically made using natural or synthetic fabrics. The user can roll them down or up according to need. Innovative products are equipped with thermal or blackout linings. The cornices or valances hide all shade components to provide a sophisticated look.

Solar shades work in effect like su glasses,controlling the sunlight, heat, UV rays and glare from outside without obstructing the view.    

Other prominent blind choices available are Venetian, Mini, Micro, Panel, Pleated, Cellular, Roman and Tie-Up shades. There are advanced options such as smart blinds that can be programmed according to the needs of the user. Outdoor shades are another option and they are normally installed on decks and patios.            

Various types of materials are employed to make blinds such as wood, faux wood, plastic, metal, paper, natural fabric and synthetic fabric as well. High quality products offer excellent energy efficiency and they also come with child safety features.   

Manufacturer Spotlight: Duco

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control offers innovative ventilation and solar shading systems for creating healthy and comfortable indoor environments. Apart from providing stunning aesthetical appeal, the cooling load is reduced to make the space highly energy efficient. Inhabitants can also enjoy optimal air quality while enjoying dynamic light control.

Duco has managed to become a trendsetter in the field of natural ventilation and sun protection systems. They have all-inclusive blinds and shade solutions for residential buildings, commercial buildings and non-residential buildings like schools, offices, hospitals and many more building use types. The health of building occupants or users is a prime concern for Duco and they describe themselves as the natural provider of oxygen to a building. 

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control is committed to providing highly functional and aesthetic blinds and other window treatment solutions. Ethical, automated manufacturing practices are employed to deliver exceptional product quality. Their customer support service can also be termed as unparalleled.

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