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Fire resistant roller blinds

by VELUX Commercial
  • Reduce glare and thermal discomfort
  • Reduce need for mechanical ventilation
  • Help create a healthy indoor climate



Product Name
Fire resistant roller blinds
VELUX Commercial

Product Type

Blinds, sunblinds and films
Wall fabrics

Product Specs

Grey range
Black range
White range
Technical characteristics
Fire resistant


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Designed with architects in mind, the Modular Skylights system lets you spend more time designing solutions and less time specifying. Modular Skylights can be combined in a number of rooflight configurations, creating perfect solutions for a wide variety of building types: narrow corridors, internal courts, studios, large circulation spaces and much more. Each roof glazing solution is delivered with a special prefabricated flashing ensuring a perfect fit and 100% water tightness. The integrated roller blinds fits perfectly into the window opening, creating a seamless connection between sash and cloth. Roller blinds should be included in the module order, in which case they are built to fit. The fireproof roller blind fabrics fits excellent with the modules.


The specially-designed roller blinds are supported by thin, free-floating wires to create an invisible effect. Blinds come with fire-retardant cloth and are available in three colours, white, grey and black. 

VELUX Modular Skylights offer two intelligent control options, VELUX INTEGRA® or an open system solution. With an open system solution roller blinds can be programmable to respond to luminiosity and temperature. VELUX INTEGRA® is a simple, wireless system that uses VELUX supplied operation devices to operate venting modules and roller blinds to any desired position. You can also specify a rain and wind sensor that will close the modular skylights in case of rain and strong winds. Alternatively, the modular system can be controlled with a building management solution connected to ± 24 V DC. Options include io-homecontrol® compatible systems and common building automation fieldbus systems

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