All About Bollards

A bollard acts as a protective barrier and is also used as a boundary marker. These markers help in guiding traffic and also give protection to sensitive areas. Bollards can also be used to block vehicle incursion and give protection to people and property as well. In general, bollards can be grouped into two basic types: bolt down and flexible types.

Bollards are used for different purposes and can be installed in different areas of a facility. They can be installed for marking a doorway, for protecting a high traffic corner, or for creating proper lanes for separating vehicle traffic from human traffic. Some typical areas where one can find bollards installed are those in which one wants to protect against potential vehicle impact without compromising with the pedestrian flow. Bollards can either be used in a series or individually as well.

The main types of bollards available on the market are anti-ram bollards, safety bollards, and architectural or landscaping bollard. Anti-ram bollards are security bollards used for security and for preventing curb mounting. Where traffic flow is important, then safety bollards can be the best choice for traffic distribution and road definition. Landscaping bollards are more focused on aesthetic aspects but one can get basic functionality alongside. On the basis of application, some popular types of bollards are removable bollards, permanent bollards, retractable bollards, automatic bollards, flexible plastic bollards, and decorative bollards. Among decorative bollards, one can get options like round concrete bollards and stainless steel bollards.

Once bollards are installed, it cannot be assumed that it will never come in contact with the vehicle. Little maintenance is required to make sure bollards are able to function properly. Bollards should receive an inspection at regular intervals of time. Any loose or missing part must be replaced immediately. At some regular interval of time, schedule cleaning of bollards. It can be cleaned using water and soap. In case there are dents, cracks or rust, bollards should be immediately repaired or replaced.

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