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All About Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a great home decor product that can transform any home or official setting into a secluded haven. Ceramic tiles are made of clay, sand and other similar natural products. The mixture of these materials are moulded into the desired shape and fired in a kiln. Ceramic tiles can be made from either red or white clay. These tiles are hardened by the heat and often have a decorative glazing. The heating process imparts durability to the ceramic tiles, which consumers use for home and office flooring.   

Ceramic tiles are used in flooring, kitchen countertops, tile floor, home walls, patios and walkways. Durability, strength, and aesthetic appearance of ceramic tiles make these a great home decor material. Using ceramic tiles over other home decor options have numerous benefits. Durability and strength is a major perk of the ceramic tiles, which makes them last for years. Also, cermic tiles require minimal maintenance. Consumers do not have to worry about replacing their ceramic floor every year. Ceramic tiles also feature water-resistant properties that make them a perfect choice as a home flooring material.    

What makes homeowners opt for ceramic tiles over other counterparts is the wide variety of designs, shapes and sizes available in the market. Consumers can get exactly what they want. Two types of ceramic tiles that are available in the market are - glazed ceramic tiles and unglazed ceramic tiles. The only difference between the two is the thin layer of liquefied glass on the glazed ceramic tiles that makes these tiles impervious and aesthetically superior to unglazed tiles. Unglazed ceramic tiles are not dense, have a high absorption rate, are frost sensitive and can chip away easily.    

Durable ceramic tiles require the least amount of maintenance and repairing. Consumers need only to wipe away the dirt and stains on the surface of the tiles regularly. They can also use the tile floor cleaning solutions to get rid of the stubborn stains. In case any damage has occurred, ceramic tiles are very easy to reinstall. Unlike hardwood or plank flooring, one does not have to reinstall the whole plank. One can replace the damaged tile easily and make the repaired portion as good as new.

It simply seems impossible to imagine personal and commercial premises without ceramic tiles. Their aesthetic appearance has a great impact on the appearance of residential or commercial architectural spaces. They can aesthetically enhance the value of the property to a great extent. All of these salient features of durable ceramic tiles makes them one of the most valuable products for home decor.  

Spotlight Company- MOSA

Mosa is a renowned  tile manufacturer in the Netherlands and have been manufacturing ceramic tiles for over 130 years. When one chooses Mosa, one enjoys the legacy of their 130 years of experience. Mosa offers a wide range of ceramic tiles for floors, walls, terraces, facades and walkways. They deal with both national and international clients. Whether one needs ceramic tiles for residential use or commercial use, they have impressive ceramic tile designs and varieties for all.