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All about Coatings


Coatings have several advantages when used as a cladding solution on exterior or interior walls. Firstly, a paint coating offers a protective barrier that protects the underlying wall surface from hostile and harsh weather conditions. Highly microporous, coatings allow walls to breathe whilst staying water-resistant. Architecture coating products are available in different colors and styles, along with different functions and finishes.


Modern formulations improve vital properties of elastomeric coatings for durability, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, UV deterioration and strength. Moreover, coatings reduce the effects of varying expansion coefficients that cause damage due to loosening, cracking or shifting.


Coatings are also highly appreciated as an interior or exterior wall covering solution due to their sustainability credentials. Ensuring long lasting adhesion, coatings hide defects in an efficient way. Outstanding color stability beautifies the overall ambiance to make a building look attractive. With a bright, clean and transformed look, coatings definitely add value to a property.


Unlike masonry paints, coating applications can be done all year around. Available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes, wall coating solutions can meet the varying needs of many different types of buildings and properties. Among the most common types of wall coating are acrylic and water-based. Different finishes include textured, smooth, reflective, pearly, matte and colored.   


Architectural coatings can easily cover plaster, wood or concrete, meaning they can be applied to many situations. Architectural coatings also makes surface maintenance easy and save time and money for the building inhabitants. Hard labor is not required for cleaning as light washing removes dirt to sustain a decorated look for several years.


Highly weather resistant, coating solutions outlast paints by many times and shield the surface against hostile conditions and contaminants. Coating products are one of the most vibrant, flexible and versatile wall covering solutions available today. All these benefits easily explain the resounding popularity and appeal of architectural coating products.  


Manufacturer Spotlight : Corev


As one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers in their field, Corev has been offering architectural coatings, paints, sealants, adhesives and exterior wall insulation systems since 1982. Their coating solutions are available in different styles, textures and characteristics along with finishes and functions. 


Corev architectural coating products are immensely popular among a large number of architects and developers for their longevity, performance, range of aesthetic looks and composition. Another advantage of collaborating with Corev is their responsible and experienced team of design consultants who can provide exemplary service, guidance and technical advice on the design, color and application of your favored architectural coating solution.


With differentiated sustainable coating products, Corev can fulfill all types of coating requirements for different people. This manufacturer has had their coating products specified on a number of leading architectural projects including the Ecuador Embassy in Colombia and Estudios Donceles in Mexico.


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