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All About Coffee Tables

A coffee table is a type of table with less height which is usually placed in front of sofa. It is often used to hold books, magazines and other small items such as drinks. Coffee tables are most commonly found in the living room and are one of the essentials of modern lifestyle.

Coffee tables help  in socializing with family and friends over a drink. Its convenient design offers people the flexibility of keeping other things on it as well. One can place board games on the table as well and play while having coffee. A coffee table can fit well in a small sized room. it is available in a variety of shapes and sizes as well. These tables usually do not have sharp corners or edges and are safe to be used in kid friendly homes.

With coffee tables, consumers can find a plethora of shapes, sizes, designs, materials, and styles. Different styles available are traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic, coastal, vintage, novelty, industrial and more. Traditional coffee tables are very common these days. For having some quirky style, the vintage coffee table can be the right choice. On the basis of the surface material, different options available are leather, glass, marble, wood and rattan. Depending upon the desired look and feel, one can choose any of these convenient surface materials.

Different shapes like rectangular, square, oval, round etc. are available in designer coffee tables. Among all the shapes, rectangular is very popular. For the small sized living room, square coffee tables are best. A person can pick the right shape on the basis of space available.

A coffee table comes with a beautiful finish and to keep its beauty intact for a long time must be provided with maintenance on regular basis. Dust particles may easily accumulate on the surface; it is advisable to clean the table top using dry cloth regularly. Make use of coasters to avoid getting any unwanted marks on it. Also do not drag things harshly on a coffee table surface as this may cause scratches. With a wooden surface coffee table, cleaning and polishing agents work best to restore beauty. With a glass top, using rubber bumpers to avoid any kind of accidental damage to the glass is advised. A well-designed coffee table adds aesthetic value to any place. Coffee tables can serve for many years if provided with regular maintenance.

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