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All About Concrete Cladding

Concrete cladding is a cladding that can be fixed to the interior or exterior of a building. It is made from concrete which is pre-formed into the desired panel shapes or into tiles. The cladding panels are basically formed by offsite manufactured precast concrete panels which are used to clad a variety of buildings, hospitals, school etc. Concrete panels thus improve the aesthetic value of the building and also enhance the building’s durability.

Concrete cladding can be made from a variety of materials including stone, bricks and sometimes even wood. There are several benefits of using concrete cladding in homes and offices. Firstly, concrete is cost effective option than natural stone which makes it a versatile choice. Secondly, concrete cladding is an extremely strong form of cladding which is very durable. It is an environmentally friendly material and recyclable too. It is quick to install and is great for insulating as concrete has a high thermal mass. 

Cladding is made from concrete and is impervious to termites and other insects, will not rust, crack or warp, and it stands up well in the event of a fire. Concrete cladding requires low maintenance such as occasional cleaning, or repainting. Once these are installed, there is no need to stress about regular maintenance work on the panels. The only upkeep work which is required with concrete cladding panels is a simple regular repainting and cleaning to enhance its overall aesthetic appeal.

Concrete cladding stands up to the weather well. They offer a cost-effective means of providing a robust, high-quality facade, with a great variety of durable textures, colors and patterns, including a range of facing materials such as stone and brick. It is also known as architectural precast concrete cladding. Self-finished architectural concrete uses a range of natural materials and is sometimes referred to as ‘Reconstituted Stone’ or ‘Recon’ due to an appearance more akin to stone than the usual look of concrete.

Precast concrete cladding can be installed quickly on site which, with just-in-time delivery, offers significant construction and program benefits. Other benefits include quality-controlled and pre-determined surfaces, low waste and material efficiency and high thermal performance.

Concrete claddings provide amazing durability against harsh and strong weather conditions, but these are also very resistant to all type of exterior damage which is always a major priority for any building owner.

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