Axolotl Concrete

by Axolotl Group Pty Ltd
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Can be applied to any size, shape or substarte
  • Range of colours



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Axolotl Concrete
Axolotl Group Pty Ltd

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Facade cladding
Concrete cladding
Tile flooring
Concrete floor tiles


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Pioneering the next revolution in contemporary surfacing technology - Axolotl

are proud to introduce our new Concrete range of surfaces. Incorporating 10 years of research and development, Axolotl Concrete can be applied to virtually any solid surface at any size and shape and can be utilised in interior or exterior environments. Axolotl Concrete is a cutting edge, sustainable, lightweight and cost effective aesthetic alternative to solid concrete.

Axolotl Concrete coating is 0.5mm thick and can be applied to virtually any solid surface of any size or shape giving the object the appearance of solid concrete without any of the associated restrictive, or environmental, issues. Axolotl’s patented (pending) technology is a world first, enabling concrete to be applied to embossed or debossed surfaces, etched or patterned with various textures.

Axolotl Concrete can be used for interior and exterior applications and is available in a range of colours. 


Axolotl Concrete can be applied to virtually any substrate material of any shape or form. Patterns and textures can be carved into the substrate then coated or imprinted onto the surface of the concrete creating an unconventional juxtaposition of fine detail in what is traditionally a construction material. The surface can also be inlaid with metal or resins.

Application opportunities are endless ranging from walls and kitchen bench tops,

to signage and sculpture.

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Concrete cladding
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Concrete cladding

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