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All About Concrete Facades

Concrete facades are perhaps one of the most commonly chosen options for architectural facades today. A material which is constructed by rough solidification and rigid finish is termed as a concrete facade. Before concrete is cast, it is liquefied entirely to possess a different trait that raises wonderful possibilities for designers. The endless choice of finishes helps in defining the core character of a building. Concrete structures have the capability to stabilize the internal structure against hot weather. This in turn keeps the internal temperature cooler.

There are many advantages of using concrete facades - they different types of which include rust infusion, hay bale formwork, precast perforations and folding planes etc. Precast concrete facades bring buildings to life. Precast technology offers endless possibilities in terms of look and design. Concrete facades might not look visually appealing as a single unit, but when placed in a unified and sealed pattern, a visually pleasing result come to the fore.

Concrete Facades are known for their ability to withstand extreme cold and hot climatic conditions, even zero degree temperatures. There are vivid endless possibilities with different surface treatments. The concrete precast structure leaves a mark and gives a completely different look to the mould. The mould can be made of materials like timber, fiberglass, plastic, rubber etc. with each material giving a unique finish. Concrete facades allow for different surface treatments such as rolling or brushing and trolling and several types of washing, which can be carried out when the concrete is fresh. Hammering, polishing, and sand blasting can be applied to harden the concrete. The precast walls can also be coated with plaster or paint, brick, ceramic tiles, or natural stone to make them longer lasting. Maintenance comes easily and cost effectively.

In addition to the smooth surface finish, there are various other ways to give the facade a unique look. In plastered sandwich walls, the facade seams are not visible. Joints can be hidden by designing the positions of windows, balconies, and doors. The seamless joint can also be used. Alongside curtain walls and precast concrete facades, there is also sandwich method where steel reinforced concretes and textile reinforced concretes are used.

Company manufactured concrete facades are preferred as there is virtually no limitation to the shape of the moulds and also the design materials. Apart from producing straight walls, they can also be constructed curved. Precast concrete is superior to any other facade construction regarding freedom of choice. Architects are aware of the effective ways to manufacture quality precast concrete facades with an outstanding look. 

Spotlight Company : Graphic Concrete Ltd

Based in Finland, Graphic Concrete Ltd has been one of the leading manufacturers and marketing experts of concrete designs and finishing for over 15 yrs now. With over 600 projects in 25 countries worldwide, they have been redesigning the architecture of public, residential, and industrial units into something that is stunning aesthetically and highly robust.

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