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All about Curtains

Curtains are often considered the most popular window treatment option available. It is not an illogical assumption as these window coverings satisfy almost every aesthetic and functional requirement in one way or another. Curtains can be found in a broad range of fabrics, patterns, colors, textures and designs.

Nobody can undermine the importance of curtains while working on the interior of a home. This window treatment can bring a living room to life. Curtains can make windows and even doors look stunning, bringing the aesthetics of a home reaches new heights.

There is no more affordable solution than curtains to add elegance to a room. Different types of curtain poles and tracks are available to put up these window treatments. They can be utilized artistically to make the space inviting.

The cleaning and maintenance of other types of window and door coverings is not easy. However, curtains can be cleaned with relative ease. Changing window curtains or door curtains is not a difficult task either. Excellent lifespan can be linked with these products. Replacing components like poles, rails and tracks can also be done with absolute ease.    

When it comes to choosing curtain fabric, there is amazing variety involved. The most popular options include polyester, cotton, silk, linen, velvet and lace as well. Exceptional variety can also be linked with curtain types. Most common curtain types are panel pair, single panel, window treatment set, valance, window scarf and liner.

Another classification can be done on the basis of opacity. Various types of opacity curtains go well with the requirements of different rooms and applications. There are sheer, semi-opaque and blackout curtains available in the market.       


The fundamental benefits of top quality curtains are high energy efficiency, proper light control, good privacy, reasonable security, excellent affordability, outstanding flexibility and commendable longevity. Moreover, they can be customized to meet the specific needs of different people.    

Manufacturer Spotlight: Chicca Orlando

Chicca Orlando offers curtains that create emotion-provoking and inviting living spaces. Their products reflect a unique vision of a contemporary lifestyle where superior luxury blends harmoniously with eternal beauty and sublime exclusivity.    

The range of products available at Chicca Orlando is extensive. Each productdisplays inimitable design and style. High quality materials are used to create exquisite designs that blend appealing colors perfectly. All customers can enjoy the ultimate experience of Italian textile masterpieces with the curtains available at Chicca Orlando.


Making curtains becomes a creative art at Chicca Orlando. Highly accomplished and experienced technicians apply the finest sewing skills to a selection of uniquely-made luxury fabrics in order to deliver the most appealing and functional curtains to the market.  

Chicca Orlando curtains boast exceptional longevity. In addition to being extremely long lasting, the Italian fabrics equip these products with a unique combination of tradition and modernity. 

The Best Curtain Brands on Archello

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