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Architects, interior designers, and builders are always on the lookout for unique, reliable, and functional door accessories that can give a distinctive touch of elegance to homes, offices, and other properties. Door accessories include door handles, door levers, door knobs, door hinges, door locks, door latches, mounting plates, face plates, and screws. These are generally made from aluminium, stainless steel, bronze, brass, and zinc alloy, and come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and designs.


Different types of doors, such as solid wood doors, panel doors, composite doors, glass doors, and metal doors, may require different types of door accessories. There is also variation in the door accessories used for front doors, interior doors, emergency doors, garage doors, storeroom doors, and doors used for closets, cupboards, and cabinets. In all cases, both decorative and functional values of the door accessories need to be taken into consideration.


Home security is a main concern with front doors and door accessories like key locksets and smart locks are a must for them. Interior doors may have key locks and latches for privacy but can also make do with door handles and door levers that only need to be turned, pushed, or pulled to give access to the inner rooms. Door accessories for cupboards, cabinets, and closets need to make their doors both easy to operate and keep secure.


Door accessories need to be durable if they are going to remain functional over a long period of time. Buyers should consider the material of the door accessories as well as the quality of their production. Many manufacturers of door accessories offer warranties of one to ten years and industry standards certification like UI and BHIMA certification to assure customers that they are getting high-quality and long-lasting products. Ease of usability across all age groups should also factor in selecting door accessories.


Spotlight Brand - Sugatsune


Sugatsune offers a tailor-made range of high-quality door accessories to accommodate customer requirements. Their hardware range has over 6000 hardware items, including hidden door handles, door hinges, door latches, door catches, and stainless-steel ball-bearing drawer slides. It is possible to purchase their hardware from their Chicago showroom as well as from various authorized dealers.


Particularly recommended Sugatsune door accessories include concealed door hinges and flush sliding door hardware. Sugatsune’s concealed door hinges have a UI certification, and are excellent for heavy doors.  The concealed hinges can be easily installed by a single person and hinge screws are concealed with cover caps. Depending on the door weight, two or three hinges per door can suffice, and the end result is a neat and clean look for the doors.


Flush sliding door hardware is used for flush doors that need to move flat against or into the walls when they are slid open. Such doors are opened with an inward push and then a sideways slide, bypassing the need for bottom floor rails, and are useful both in small properties where it is essential to conserve space and large properties that want to further the feeling of spaciousness. Apart from their use in regular rooms, flush sliding doors can also be installed in closets, cupboards, and store rooms, and as room dividers. Flush sliding door hardware is also used for hidden doors.


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