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All about Door Locks

Door locks figure amongst essential door hardware features required to provide reliable home security and privacy and can be installed in both an entry doors and interior doors. Most door locks are made of hardened steel or brass and are reinforced for extra strength with plates of the same metals. The idea is to make these door locks tough to kick in and impossible to drill through, or, at least, so difficult and time-consuming to drill that would-be thieves are discouraged. In addition to sturdy and durable locks that deter home invaders, customers generally also want the style, design, and color of door locks to match their home decor. Given the wide range of available lock features, it is possible to find or customize door locks in every conceivable design and finish.

The locking devices that are commonly installed on front doors and garage doors include mortise locks, rim locks, mechanical locks, and electronic locks, and these are often installed in conjunction with deadbolts for additional safety. Interior doors may have dummy door knobs and door pulls with no lock features, privacy locks that have turn or push button functions, locksets that are key lockable from outside but freely openable from inside, and automatic locks that move into locked mode when the door is shut and can only be opened with a key from outside while being freely openable from inside.

Electronic door locks in a combination of keyed and Smart Code lock features can enhance home security, and can prove to be convenient also for the property owner to gain access in case they lose the key or if the code input malfunctions. As some electronic door locks can be operated via smartphone, property owners can unlock and lock doors from a remote location and give or deny access to their property as they deem appropriate. Some door locks also have the facility to record visitors and to sound an alarm to the owner and the police in the event anyone tries to break in.

It is advisable to check for ANSI/BHIMA (American National Standards Institute/Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification when purchasing door locks. The ANSI/BHIMA and UL certification guarantees that the door locks meet the durability, quality, and security standards established for such door hardware by the security industry.

From time to time, door locks may need to be replaced to keep home security from being compromised. Property owners should consider changing their door locks if the locks are worn or rusted, if lock malfunctioning makes locking or unlocking doors difficult, and if the keys or password codes get lost or stolen. A move to a new property or a move from an old property may also necessitate a change in door locks.

Spotlight Brand – August

August produces a well-designed and user-friendly smart lock that is easy to operate with a smartphone and guarantees a high level of home security. These smart locks can automatically lock doors when the property owner leaves and unlock the doors on their return. You can use a virtual key to remote control your doors with your phone, and you can send virtual key copies to people that are allowed to have access to your property. The smart lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave Plus.

The Best Door Locks on Archello

Home security is an issue that no one can afford to take lightly, so selecting the right door locks for your doors is of paramount importance. While our product finder can help you browse through all the door locks we have on Archello and learn about the different lock features, it might also be a good idea to get in touch with our team for further information on the operation and installation of this type of door hardware. We are here to help, so do get in touch.