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Karcher Design

Karcher Design

Manufacturers from Raiffeisenstraße 32, Bad Rappenau , Germany
The KARCHER Company provides door and window handles in addition to an extensive range of pull handles and accessories.

Our general range is offered in the hardwearing KARCHER "satin stainless steel" finish. In addition to this finish we offer a large number of dual finish levers. These have colour combinations of satin/polished stainless steel and satin stainless steel/polished zirconium. This long lasting brass finish is easy to maintain.

KARCHER provides an exclusive range created by noted designers that offers solutions and options in both design and finish. Function and form characterise the KARCHER aesthetic. Colour and tone combinations allow emphasis of the shape and design. Additionally, exper- tise in work with stainless steel, brass and zinc allows the specifier to create bespoke ranges. The theme "Designs of Steel" combines the beauty and elegance of materials and pure lines, allowing individuality in every location.

KARCHER representatives support both specialist trade outlets and architects offices throughout Europe. Our qualified office team offers excellent customer service and extensive stocks guarantee prompt delivery.

Discerning customers looking for high quality choose KARCHER DESIGN.
Application areas

KARCHER levers are made for different application areas. On the one hand they offer to perfect exclusive furnishings for the private sector with its innovative design possibilities. On the other hand KARCHER levers fulfil high load requirements in large projects. Strict guidelines and exact controls guarantee a consistency in high quality.
Product development

Due to the product designing in our own studio as well as from named designers, KARCHER always offers innovative designs together with functionality and a unique fixing technique. Different patents and high quality solutions are developed through the team of enginers and technicians. KARCHER products are certified to DIN EN 1906 (grade 3 and grade 4), to DIN 18273, DIN 18257 and DIN 179.

Professional KARCHER sales representatives advise the specialist trade and architects in Great Britain and in Europe. A qualified customer service team supports them in arranging a smooth ordering process and the supply of goods in time. All our products are kept in stock which guarantees a quick delivery.

Choose KARCHER DESIGN levers and window handles to get high quality products.

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