Flexible floor tiles

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All About Flexible Tiles


Flexible tiles are made up of elastic materials providing the flexibility as compared to regular tiles, which are constructed by using merely minerals. The flexibility of these tiles is considered an ideal trait for flooring applications where activities like dancing or athletics take place, thus minimizing the risk of impact and potential injury. Today, a huge variety of flexible floor tiles are available possessing features like durability, flexibility and vivid designer patterns. Flexible tiles can be used for outdoor applications as well as in all spaces within offices, schools, homes due to their water resistant property.

Vinyl, plastic and rubber floor tiles are commonly available types of flexible tile in the flooring market. These tiles have smooth as well as textured surfaces and are best suited for commercial and industrial applications such as warehouse flooring, commercial flooring etc. A complete floor can be laid in a short timespan and without any expert help, thus resulting in significant savings in the total installation cost.


Any damage to flexible tiles lessens the aesthetic appeal of a room and its value as well. However, there are few ways to repair and maintain tiles without too much hassle. Surface scratches can be cleaned using gentle cleaning solutions as heavy chemicals can erode the surface of the tile. Also, liquid seam sealer works well in terms of repairing minor scratches and cuts on flexible flooring. For cracks, use epoxy glue or cement on the surface and let it set well. Flexible tiles are a common choice for the perfect designer floor. The durability and easy maintenance along with plethora of different patterns to choose from, makes these the perfect choice for home decor.


Flexible tiles are often installed alongside a self-levelling floor surface which can be used in commercial or residential areas. These tiles have exceptional durability and can be used in garages, basements, kitchens etc. In addition, flexible tiles can bear heavy loads and are best rated for heavy traffic. These are easier to clean and maintain and can be easily installed over rough or painted floors. Flexible tiles are resistant to moisture and abrasion and can cover up cracks and stains well. They also have excellent thermal and sound reducing quality.