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All About Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces are excellent flooring solution for areas where there is high foot traffic such as hallways, office entryways etc. Hard surfaces include a variety of surfaces which can be either man-made or have a natural origin. With such surfaces, there are different types of finishes available depending upon the material used. Hard surfaces have their own unique charm and are of a strong and durable nature.

Hard surfaces typically have a thick construction and therefore are capable of withstanding high foot traffic. They are thus ideal in areas like halls, kitchens and bathroom, which all experience high traffic. As different finishes are available with these surfaces, it is possible to match various hard surfaces with different types of interiors. These surfaces are easy to keep stain free as hard surfaces are typically stain resistant. Cleaning hard surfaces is also quite easy, making them ideal for flooring in children’s rooms, for example.

With hard surfaces, a number of materials options are available such as marble, natural stone, clay, brick, concrete, ceramic, granite, terrazzo, slate and porcelain. Slate offers durability but it is quite expensive. Slate can be used both indoors and outdoors. Concrete hard surfaces are the best solution for indoor flooring, particularly for projects with a budget. Granite and terrazzo also offer durability. With each material, a unique look can be obtained. Based on the area, one can determine the most suitable hard surface material. Cleaning and maintenance requirements will vary according to the material of the surface.

A hard surface does not require extensive maintenance but must be cleaned on a regular basis as with time, the surface can become dirty and dull. In order to keep a concrete hard surface floor clean, it is suggested to mop the surface daily using a soft microfiber cloth. Using pads and protectors on furniture footings will help in avoiding scratch marks on the surface.

Along with regular cleaning, deep cleaning is equally important. Depending upon foot traffic levels, deep cleaning may be required on a weekly or monthly basis.

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