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Hotel sofas

Find products and manufacturers of hotel sofas. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on material, style, colour, characteristics, number of seats, brands and availability.

All About Hotel Sofas

This type of seating provides comfortable seating space for two or more people. Hotel sofas are more associated with hosting and offer good sitting space to the visitors of the hotel. A number of meetings, conferences, parties and other events are conducted in hotels. Visitors on different occasions may need to wait for a while and these sofas facilitate comfortable sitting. This type of furniture is best for the places where there is a requirement to provide seating to a number of people. With sofas a plethora of shape, color, design, and style options are available.

Hotel sofas are placed at different places like the reception area, waiting area and the rooms as well. Sofas placed at the reception area helps visitors to comfortably sit and wait. People these days look for luxurious facilities and want to have a comfortable stay at hotels as well. Sofa selection plays a role in this.

Different arm shape available with hotels sofas are the classic round, retro square arm, hard wedge arm, rounded wedge arm, sloped arm, Belgian roll arm, English roll arm, wooden arm and more. Each of these arm shapes offers a different look and feel. On the basis of purpose and the area where it has to be placed, a right arm shape can be selected. Also with hotel sofas, different back options are available like straight backs, high back, round back, camelback, rollback etc. Straight backs are the most preferred choice for hotel sofas for the reception area. With sofas, the different style options one can get are modern, contemporary, traditional and more.

Hotel furniture is designed to facilitate in creating a good image of the establishment. If furniture is dirty or poorly maintained, then these cannot create a positive image. With hotel sofas, a proper cleaning and maintenance schedule should be followed, in accordance with specifications from the manufacturer. As hotel sofas are made using high-quality material, significant effort with respect to cleaning may not be required.

Hotel sofas not only provide agood space for sitting but also contribute in adding aesthetic value to a space. Ample style options are available with sofas which are perfect to go with different types of interiors a hotel may have.

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