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Pedestrian barriers (47)

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All About Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian barriers are made of high-quality materials for the purposes of safety. They are used in crowded areas like roads, hospitals, schools, stadiums, etc. Pedestrian barriers tend to be of two main types; detachable or fixed. They are of prime importance during emergencies and help to control crowds.

Most commonly seen in places such as crossings, restricted areas while there is construction occurring or on roads where a celebration is taking place, pedestrian barriers provide demarcation of a path, centre point or safe walkway.

Pedestrian barriers are available in two different varieties, metal and plastic barriers. Among these, plastic barriers are available in various colours and are used on the streets and crowded areas where shops and other commercial activities are taking place. The steel barriers are more commonly used in construction and during maintenance work. Aesthetic value when considered, is important for visibility and usability. Generally bright coloured barriers are installed alongside roads where driving often becomes challenging in the dark night hours. This helps in minimizing the risk of accidents also.

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