All about Pergolas

A pergola is a wooden garden structure that forms a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars. It is an outdoor garden feature that supports cross-beams and allows vines or ornamental plants to grow along its sides. These architectural structures are made of springy withies such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride that can be bound together to form a series of arches. These can transform the backyard, turning it into an outdoor living space. In addition, Pergolas can link pavilions or extend from a building's door to an outdoor space such as terrace or pool. 

Pergolas are increasingly popular nowadays as they are very affordable to use. These are useful for outdoor kitchen areas, outdoor dining areas, great shade solutions and much more. These serve as a loosely woven long slats that provide climbing plants a structure to grow. Wooden pergolas which are painted or treated with preservatives are usually for outdoor use. Pergolas serve as the perfect solution to change the entire look of the outdoor space by lending an attractive and versatile appeal. Thus, these are like natural roofs. 

There are many types of pergolas available in the market nowadays. These are affordable structures that could be built with a variety of materials like metal, cedar and vinyl. The different colors and styles can be chosen to match with the design scheme. Thus, these can be chosen according to the taste, budget or style of home. 

Over time the sun, wind and rain can damage the condition of outdoor pergolas. Proper care and maintenance is the only way to keep its appearance and increase its longevity. To restore a pergola and keep it in shape, clean it regularly and make needed repairs immediately. Dirt or grime built up on it can be cleaned with a soft bristles brush. The natural color can be improved and preserved by coating the wood with a waterproof sealer. To remove strains, apply oxygen bleach and water mixture after washing the pergola thoroughly. To remove the dirt clinging on the surface, use a high-pressure water hose. Make sure to repair the damaged part as soon as possible to ensure uniformity in the beauty of the entire pergola.

Company Spotlight: Corradi

Corradi Group is well-known for producing bespoke covers and pergolas. The company offers complete solutions for furnishing and getting the maximum use out of outdoor spaces. It was founded in Bologna in 1978 and partnered by Velombra Srl for the production of sail awnings and by Corradi Arredi Srl for outdoor furnitures. The Corradi Group usually supplies a vast range of solutions to furnish and make comfortable outdoor spaces to authorized retailers. The furnishing solution is able to withstand harsh weather conditions while retaining the best style and quality. 

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