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All About Roof Tiles

Tiles have been around for centuries proving their long lasting style, durability and sustainability. Roof tiles are used to cover a roof which is made from a variety of different materials. These tiles made from materials such as terracotta or slates are designed mainly to keep out rain. The tiles are usually hung in parallel rows to exclude rainwater and to cover the nails that hold the row below. With natural thermal mass insulation properties, clay and concrete roof tiles contribute to the overall thermal performance and energy savings of a well designed home.

There’s an array of roof tile types available in various materials, shapes, profiles and sizes. The color and style selections can create an impression or make a statement that makes a roof stand out or blend in with the existing streetscape. Choosing a roof tile with the right surface finish is crucial to the finished appearance of the roof and how it will look in the future. 

Cracked roof tiles can become a serious problem as every time water reaches the roof, potential water damage can occur. Repair of broken or missing tiles can prevent water damage inside the home and avoid major projects such as costly roofing replacements. That is why roof tile maintenance and preservation of home work together. To ensure that roof is in good shape it is recommended to have it inspected regularly as recommended by roofing professionals. There are professionals who are specialized in new roof construction, re-roofing, roof repairs, and roof extensions.

For a beautiful and enduring roof, choosing right roof tiles is highly desirable. These tiles can enhance the overall value of home. There are wide variety of shades and textures of concrete roof tiles which can provide a similar appeal and structural stability for the roof. Since clay roof tiles absorb a lot of water and are more prone to algae infections, Architects and designers prefer concrete roof tiles due to their increasing practicality in maintenance. Quality Roof tiles guarantee effective waterproofing and thermal and acoustic comfort as well. With their light and flexible composition, these tiles fit seamlessly with all types of diverse roof shapes and sizes, including light and uneven roof structures. 

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