Pave-Land Series

by Unity Surfacing Systems
  • Provides Thermal and Mechanical Protection
  • Water Permeable With Built-in Pedestal Design.
  • Conforms to Almost Any Low-Sloped Waterproofing Membranes
  • Staggered Interlocks Allow for Free-Flowing Designs & Patterns.
  • Ideal for Playgrounds, Rooftops, Fitness, Indoors and Outdoors, Etc.



Product Name
Pave-Land Series
Unity Surfacing Systems
United States

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Other pavers
Roof Tiles
Other roof tile materials
Roof panels

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Technical characteristics
Fire resistant

Pave-Land Series

07 76 00 Roof Pavers
Jan 2020
07 32 00 Roof Tiles
Jan 2020
07 32 29 Rubber Tiles/Panels
Jan 2020
07 72 00 Roof Accessories
Jan 2020
07 72 43 Roof Walkway Boards
Jan 2020
07 72 46 Roof Walkways
Jan 2020
07 76 13 Roof Ballast Pavers
Jan 2020
07 76 16 Roof Decking Pavers
Jan 2020
09 30 00 Tiling
Jan 2020
09 30 19 Paver Tiling
Jan 2020
32 14 00 Unit Paving
Jan 2020
32 14 29 Rubber Paving
Jan 2020
32 14 43 Porous Unit Paving
Jan 2020

Our 1.75” and 2” thick Pave-Land Series is designed to meet and exceed all of your project needs for use on infant/ toddler playground areas (yielding a 4ft and 5ft fall rating), rooftops, recreational areas, fitness facilities and more. It is the foundation for a smart, long-term investment in durability and beauty that will last for years to come.
As the industry leader, the superior raw materials we provide, coupled with our proprietary manufacturing process, unique design and large size product gives you the strongest, highest quality, environmentally friendly rubber tile system above all overs.
All of our products are independently laboratory tested with respect to ASTM, CPSC, AD, FM safety standards and guidelines to be installed over new and existing sub-bases and rooftop, both indoors and outdoors.

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