All About Roofs

The basic purpose of any roof is to provide protection to persons inside a structure from the elements. This purpose is necessary in every part of the world as the roof provides shelter against something as basic as bright sunshine, rain, snow and high winds. Most of all, it provides a sense of safety and privacy to the people living inside a roof. Before constructing roofs, a roof plan is prepared which is a scaled drawing or diagram of a proposed roof development. It contains dimensions of the entire roof structure, including shape, size, design and placement of all materials, ventilation, drainage, slopes, valleys etc. 

There are variety of roof types to choose from including slate, which is one of the longest-lasting roof materials, it is a natural rock that is mined and cut to become a form of 'shingle' (a thin, tapered piece of material used as a roof and wall covering). Slate roofs are also relatively heavy. Canopies, tile and even solar where green roofs covered with plants and asphalt shingles are the most popular choice for roofing because asphalt shingles are lower in cost, readily available and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Metal roofs are another option but, Metal roofs can be as much as two or three times more expensive than other roofing materials. Metal roofs can be noisy, especially during a heavy rain or hailstorm, expansion and contraction problem, inconsistency of color match. Roof ventilation is very important when it's hot outside. It simply helps to flow air through a system of intake and exhaust. There are different waterproofing methods available in construction which makes it water resistant, so that it remains relatively unaffected. Liquid waterproofing membrane, bituminous coating and cementitious waterproofing are some of the easiest ways to protect the roof from leaking.

Maintaining roof is incredibly important. Not just for the integrity of roof but the entirety of home as well. Maintaining roof is vital for appearances, ensuring it is structurally sound and preventing possible problems. While checking for openings, the integrity of the materials is important. Roofing products deteriorates over time through natural ageing process, hence excessive granule loss, blisters, or physical damage to the roofing material might occur over time. It is easier to deal with the problem before it shows up on the interior.

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