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Roof windows

Find products and manufacturers of roof windows products. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on glass types, material, opening types and technical characteristics.

All about Roof Windows

Outward opening roof windows allow an influx of fresh air and natural light into halls, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, landings, and attics, turning these areas into well-lit and comfortable living spaces. When shut, roof windows keep out drafts, prevent damp, prevent heat loss, and conserve energy. They are also capable of withstanding heavy rainfall and high winds, and, in the normal scheme of things, will not leak rain water or have their glazing warped by wind pressure.

Roof windows come in a range of classic, contemporary, and customized designs. Buyers can choose single, double, and triple glazing options with clear, opaque, textured, and dark glass or polycarbonate panes. Some roof windows have fixed frames with glazing, while others have top-hung and centre-pivot glazed flaps that can be operated manually, or with electric or solar power; some high-placed windows can be conveniently opened or shut by fingertip control. Integral blind windows have blinds enclosed between the glass panes; these blinds can be operated manually or electrically to offer privacy or to let in natural light. Atrium roof windows are installed in flat roofs to light up and enhance comfortable living areas.

People with security concerns can select burglary resistance roof windows with unbreakable glazing, stronger frames, and locks. Other roof window features include insect filter, sound insulation, trickle ventilation for fresh air circulation even when windows are closed, smoke ventilation that, in response to a smoke sensor, opens windows or causes their glazing to shatter, and rain sensors to automatically shut the roof windows when it rains.

Roof windows can be fitted horizontally, vertically, side by side, or in grid format in the roof. They are generally installed at a roof pitch between 15 and 60 degrees, either in plane alignment with the roof, or in a recessed installation.

A CE ( Conformité Européenne ) marking on the roof windows guarantees that the units confirm to industry regulations for safety, quality, and environmental sustainability. Roof windows may also have the Window Energy Rating system’s rainbow level to indicate energy efficiency. A BS EN 12600:2002 marking on the glazing indicates pane material, glazing classification and manufacturer information.

Spotlight Brand: Fakro

Fakro are committed to creating well-lit and well-ventilated indoor environments with their long-lasting products. Along with a wide selection of roof windows that use natural light to illuminate interiors and employ natural ventilation for comfortable living, Fakro offer different glazing options and also supply replacement parts for their products.

Buyers can browse the Fakro website to select products from the Fakro online brochure, to find product sellers and stores, and to contact Fakro certified installers for a free estimate. The Fakro support team can help clients choose the right roof windows for maximum natural light inflow, and install these to make for a more comfortable living experience. Clients can count on better ventilation and energy efficiency with Fakro roof windows.

The best Roof Windows on Archello

Our product selector can help you select the right roof window for your project. We offer a range of pre-designed and bespoke roof windows to suit different tastes and purposes. Please get in touch to discuss the various design, installation, and price options.