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Natural daylight and architecture are integrally connected. A rooflight has the inimitable ability to transform interiors into vibrant spaces that are alluring, bright and warm. A rooflight is a transparent, or translucent, structure built into a roof to admit natural light while maintaining the integrity of the building. Combined with natural ventilation, these are widely used for daylighting in residential and commercial buildings.

A huge variety of rooflight systems are available in today's marketplace. Because of their outstanding fire properties, high light transmission, good impact performance and exceptional optical clarity, glass rooflights remain popular. Polycarbonate sheet and GRP sheet are additional choices. Size acts as another crucial factor involved in the selection of the rooflight. Interestingly, a high-performance glazing system will typically admit more light and less heat, which is why one need not be concerned that larger rooflights will increase the temperature of the room.

Design possibilities are plentiful for rooflights. The most traditional design opted for is flat roof. Installing linked glass panes on to flat roof not only improves ventilation and amount of natural light penetration, one can also make use of the prized flat roof space by installing a roof terrace. Optionally, for larger areas of aesthetically appealing glazing, a number of clean, elegant and sleek glass panes can be linked together. Rooflights are also commonly installed onto an upstand or kerb system, creating enough height to ensure water run-off when fitted on flat roofs. Dome rooflights are largely featured in contemporary architecture creating a spectacular external view and providing inert solar gain.

With so many terminologies floating around, it’s a bit complicated to differentiate between glazed units in roofs. To start with, there is little difference between rooflights and skylights. Rooflights are products which are fitted into flat roofs or pitched roofs, whereas skylights are installed on traditional pitched roofs as well as larger bespoke units such as glass box extension. Another significant difference is that the rooflight can be installed within buildings where new window openings in walls are not permissible.  


Manufacturer Spotlight: Fakro


FAKRO is a Polish private company founded in 1991. With outstanding technical expertise in design and manufacturing, their products are precision engineered. With certain hidden mechanisms and control, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with rooflight design. 25 years of continuous improvement and refinement has resulted in a system that signifies a fusion of technologies and engineering superiority. The innovative thought process at Fakro creates not just rooflights, but an architectural sculpture that provides a key to achieving a view one never thought was possible. 

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